We’re the Problem Solvers…

Like most IT companies, Tech Patrol brings the ability to act as CIO and help desk as well as the ability to install long range wireless to the technology table, but the strength of Tech Patrol and the aspect that sets us apart from the average company is our ability to solve technological problems.

In an era of increasing specialization, Tech Patrol technicians pride themselves on being able to “think outside the box”, bringing a wide range of experience, unusual abilities, and problem solving capabilities to difficult problems. When Tech Patrol takes on a job, it takes on ALL of the job. As a well-run small business, Tech Patrol puts a premium on the technician’s ability to move easily from one aspect of the problem to the other.

Let us put our over 20 years of experience to work for you…

  • Small scale WISP deployment
  • Data Collection/ Recovery
  • Operating experience (DOS to Windows 7, early Macintosh to OSX, server systems from NT to Server 2008 R2)
  • Problem solving on most equipment used by the general public (printer and copier repair and maintenance)
  • Network deployment
  • Security system testing and auditing
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Telephone/VOIP
  • Point to point networking

…just a few services within our repertoire.

administering to many, if not most, of the technological situations that arise in this increasingly technical age. Tech Patrol technicians have put their emphasis on developing the ability to assess problems, diagnose them, take them on, and solve them. Our company stands ready to offer its talents and abilities to a wider audience.